14th EPIEM Conference 2021

Date: 28.05.2021

Venue: Virtual – Graz, Austria

Organisation: Graz University of Technology, Institute of Business Economics and Industrial Sociology, Working Group “Industrial Marketing, Purchasing and Supply Management“

Conference Topic:  IEM at the crossroads of innovation, digitalisation and sustainability

Further Information: Here you can find the flyer.

Update (Dec. 17th, 2020):

Dear IEM Community!

We are posting today to share an update about the 14th EPIEM Conference scheduled for May 2021.

Throughout the last month we continued conversations with the TU Graz university management to discuss options regarding the implementation of 14th EPIEM Conference. Unfortunately, in front of the background of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the related uncertainty, it seems unlikely that we can successfully host a physical conference in May 2021 as we had hoped.

In order to be transparent and enable potential contributors to plan their “conference year 2021” early we decided this week to shift the 14th EPIEM conference from a physical to a virtual mode.

We already hope to meet all of you at the 14th virtual EPIEM conference in 2021 and one year later, in 2022 in person at 15th EPIEM Conference at Graz University of Technology, when, hopefully, we will have the pandemic behind us.

Best regards,

The Organizing Committee of the 14th EPIEM Conference at Graz University of Technology

Amila Omazic, Sigrid Weller, Volker Koch and Bernd M. Zunk