1. 9th EPIEM Conference 2016, Vienna
    18.05.2016 - 21.05.2016
    Local Group Vienna, Austria Date of the event Event dates: 18.05.2016 - 21.05.2016

    The 9th EPIEM Conference 2016 is organised by Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) from Thursday 19th to Saturday 21th of May 2015,  and focused on the following key topics:

    • The future of IEM education across Europe 
    • ESTIEM as a catalyst for experienced based learning
    • Vision and objectives of EPIEM

    Parallel to the EPIEM conference the 21st Austrian IEM Conference is organized by the WING, which was a founding member of ESTIEM (WING Homepage), and the Institute of Management Science at TU Wien.

    The exact agenda for the event: 

    Thursday 19th of May 2016

    • Arrival and registration at TU Wien
    • EPIEM Annual Conference
      • Welcome speeches from our University representatives and representatives from the Austrian IEM Association (WING) 
      • Presentations and Plenary topics 
      • Meeting with ESTIEM representitives
    • Welcome Dinner together with the participants of the 21st Austrian IEM Conference 

    Friday 20th of May 2016

    • EPIEM / ESTIEM Annual Conference
      • Workshops and Discussion sessions
      • Meeting with ESTIEM representitives
    • Gala Dinner together with the participants of the 21st Austrian IEM Conference

    Saturday 21th of May 2016

    • Supporting Program
      • Vienna City Tour
      • Introduction of the TU Wien Demonstration Factory
    • Closure of the 9th EPIEM Conference