1. 8th EPIEM Conference 2015, Novi Sad
    1 June 2015 to 2 June 2015
    Local Group Novi Sad, Serbia Date of the event Event dates: 1 June 2015-2 June 2015

    Day 1 will be dedicated for the plenary session (proposed general topic:

    Problem Based Learning in Industrial Engineering and Management Education), with the welcome speeches from our Regional Government and University representatives, IEM Novi Sad and IEM Serbian community greetings and keynote speeches. 


    Day 2 is reserved for three consecutive (or parallel, depending on number of participants) sessions, where our proposal is to have three following general topics:

    • IEM education across Europe (main challenges)
    • EPIEMers supporting ESTIEMers (and vice versa)
    • Horizon for IEM in Europe (and wider)


    The location of the Uni Campus can be found under this link:

    You can  start choosing slowly your accommodation. Also, find out more about Novi Sad here


    It is not decided upon the concrete date of this conference yet. It will happen either on the 25th and 26th of May or on the 1st and 2nd of June. As soon as a final decision has been made, this page will be updated.



    Mladen Radisic, PhD

    IEM Department

    Enterprise Europe Network

    University of Novi Sad

    +381 64 144 70 48