Next Research Meeting

  1. 2nd Inter-University Research Seminar,
    Graz 2018

    10th & 11th of December2018

    Graz, Austria

Next Conference

    To be announced

European Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management (EPIEM) is a fast-growing European-wide network, connecting researchers and academics of the IEM-field. Our goal is fostering collaboration between IEM professors across Europe to enhance the field of IEM.

The first EPIEM Conference took place in Cambridge 2010 following an invitation of ESTIEM students addressed to IEM professors.

EPIEM Conferences are held initially twice a year, and usually are aligned with the dates of ESTIEM's conferences. Often conferences took place in parallel and the results of EPIEM Conferences were shared in a common session gathering EPIEM and ESTIEM.

For information about previous EPIEM Conferences, click on the dots in the map on the right.